Bruce Robertson & Chris Manton : The Virtual List

An exploration of Bruce Robertson’s extraordinary technique.
And - hot news - Bruce himself plans to come!
...and he did!
Thanks from us all Bruce - you brought so much to the party and we all sat there gobsmacked...
You are a God amongst mere mortals

Combining arrays stored in variables with ghost utility records.
  • Super fast portal load without data streaming
  • Sortable portals without layers
  • Complex multi level reporting - disparate related data harvests simplified

What else can we do by being able to abstract any data and then re-focus it specifically?


Bruce Robertson's Session.
Chris Manton's Session.

The Files

Chris Manton's [session I] BabelFix demo files

Please note that this file has had to have its record count reduced from 6 to 2K and the massive text field truncated to allow it to be posted here.
Do add a good 4K more records and masses more text to ensure that you get real world load performance...

Bruce Robertson's [session II] file(s)

There may be more to come...

And John Sidelar's outstanding file, [session I]:

There's an extra link to John Sidelar's demo file, which may have been updated since posted, right below

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