This is the closing session of PauseOnError[X]London.

We're planning a Panel Discussion about the future of FileMaker
followed by a Question and Answer Session - Get you questions entered below!
Finally, we will offer a short review of Pause with thanks to everyone involved.

Now for your questions (please include your name) - here are some examples;

1) How much longer will we have to put up with the issue of Pop-up menus revealing the contents of the second field? (Alan Stirling)
2) What size of screen would the panel recommend for use by full-time FileMaker Developers? (A Stirling)
3) Which features of FileMaker Pro are not available when a file is opened using FileMaker Go on an iPad? (ANJ Stirling)
4) Can you change the address of the server that the Admin Console points to, if the Admin Console is installed on your local machine? (ANJS)
5) Is it possible to pause a FileMaker Script, to allow time for an embeded AppleScript to complete? (AS)