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Performance is one of the hottest topics for most FileMaker developers.
In this session you're going to see how to boost performance of your FileMaker solutions in a way you will hesitate to believe.

I have recently unveiled my Marvelous Optimization Formula in a true story of my own experiences with optimizing FileMaker solutions.
You can learn about my discoveries and optimization tips at and try to apply my advices to you own development.
If you want to get your own experience in advance, you can even download a free copy of the benchmarking tool I use and try some optimization on your own before coming to Pause.

At Pause[x]London I am going to show you some examples of marvelous optimizations from my own practice.
You'll see FileMaker scripts and calculations made from 2 to 3,000 and more times faster solely by optimization.

Let's define that optimized script or calc must run at least twice as fast to be considered marvelous.

If you have your own examples of marvelous optimizations, please let me know ASAP so that I can include your demo in my session's agenda.
If you have a script or calculation you are sick of being too slow, let me know. If find a way how to make it 2 or more times faster, I will be glad to include that in the demo as well.

Send me your tips to HOnza(at) or discuss your ideas in the FileMaker Optimizers group on LinkedIn.

Movies & Downloads

Marvelous Optimization #1 - video and sample file
Marvelous Optimization #2 - video and sample file
Marvelous Optimization #3 - video and sample files
Marvelous Optimization #4 - video and sample file

Second half of the session is available in CampSoftware's YouTube Channel.