This session will (probably) be a wonderful mishmash (mix up) of loads of useful stuff and some (maybe) not so useful stuff. Everyone who comes will take away a different snippet of usefulness... a tip or trick, a design idea or something else.

Chaim [pronounced hi-im] Bacon [not a very kosher surname for a Jew] has been developing FM solutions for 20 years (I really don't feel old enough) and now specialises in vertical market solutions for photographers, for art & antiques dealers and Postcode PA, a UK FM postcode / address product with over 28 million records! He has also developed many custom solutions over the years and recently developed his first plug-in, FMgCal to integrate FM with Google Calendar.

Other than sarcasm, Chaim's other area of expertise is in user interface design [or so he likes to think - ED] and often spends half of his 'development' time thinking about how to best implement a new feature that will have the least impact on the user - before he even starts to program the feature. User interface comes first! Chaim is also a great believer in TSM, The Separation Model (separating your data files from your interface) and will look at some of the pros and cons of using this method.

There will also be talk about using plug-ins, SMS integration, support issues if you're considering a vertical market solution and some other random stuff too. If you have
screen-shots of your own user interfaces to assist with some constructive group discussion on interface design, please email me: A shot of the final design is good, but if you also have a shot of what you started with to compare it to, that would be great!

If you find this session interesting or useful (or both), please feel free to invite me out for dinner afterwards. Multiple offers for dinner will not be considered in the order they are received but by various other facts we can't discuss here. On the other hand if you find this session boring or useless (or both), then you can take yourself out for dinner afterwards! :D

Suitable for all levels of developer (or non-developers, their partners or non-partners or people who they quite fancy as their partners and anyone else who isn't included in that list as well).

Heckling at this session will be tolerated!

[P.S. This session may run overtime... not because Chaim has so much to talk about, but because sometimes you just can't shut him up - ED]


Here's a link to download the sample files:
If you want to download a free version of TPO, go here: TPO Download