John Renfrew: Getting started with Groovy

I always said life was too short to learn another programming language, especially one as complex and rigid as Java, but Groovy is designed with 'syntactic sugar' to make it simple, and now I am hooked.
Starting from a blank sheet, an introduction to the powerful Groovy language which makes the power of Java accessible to Filemaker without all the complexity of the Java language.
Those nice people at 360works have enabled us to talk both ways to and from FM and anything Java can do with the Scriptmaster plugin, which opens all kinds of doors, like XML, JSON and SQL processing, functionality that normally requires mind bending recursive functions are now a snap, and some sideways things like barcode, PDF and QR production without needing other plugins or fonts. But enough with the showing off, let's go right to the beginning as that is often a very good place to start.

Download the latest version (1.8.3) to your machine from and locate the GroovyConsole file, then turn up ready to learn together

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ppt file from the start of the presentation, write up we went through to follow